I have been using Evernote since 2012 and in the beginning I just used it as storage for things, kind of like a storage locker but recently I have started to utilize it for my felting and crocheting as well as my everyday life. 

I admit I have been on Pinterest looking for any tips and tricks that will help me use it better and I have found a few. Mostly reorganizing and using the stacking process more.

One thing I would like them to add is the “web clipper” for apple devices.

The making of a neck piece.

Here are the visual steps to how I get to the felted part of the design Sorry to say, out of order a little

5/16/2017 – started embellishing the piece.

5/19/2017 – embellishments beginning to take shape.

05/20/2017 – added neck chain and beads. Cut out red beads.

In boiling water

Blue yarns for neck piece

Completed crochet showing size

On scrub board

After felting

Starting to embellish.

Adding embellishments

Measuring up?

I was trying to show size on my pieces and not liking a yard stick that has a distracting color to my piece so my solution was to take a piece of foam core that I marked inches on the side and inches across the bottom.

Here is an example of it. Not too professional looking yet but it gets the size visually. Oh! I just had thought. I think there is quilters tapes that are in measurements maybe if they have white I might try it.