Today I had an interesting thing happen to me.
 I have been going through some personal trying times. My sister and brother-in-law were here last week and we were sitting in a resturant eating breakfast and talking about some things that were burdonsom for me, when all of a sudden the chair next to me moved and I then felt someone grab me in a hug and tell me, all wll be all right and for me to stay strong, I will get though this.
 She then told me how she arrived next to me and was compelled to hug me.
She said that she has never been in this resturant before even though she works right down the road from it. That morning, she was heading to a fast food resturant to pick up some breakfast but as she approached the resturant she pulled in thinking she would take the time today. She set several booths away from us but she could see my sister and brother-in-law talking to me. She said that she got up several times to leave, go to the bathroom, or generally get away from us but every time she stood up she was drawn to our table and especially me. She said that she knew she had to come over and tell me all will be all right and that I needed to stay strong. She had been through what I was going through now and that I would make it through and be the better for it. She offered her name phone # and told me to call her whenever I felt it was to get to overwhelming for me.
My sister and brother in law said "God sent and angel for me".  I agree that God comes  to all in others, we just need to be aware. So when you are in times of trial and tribulation do not be surprised when some one comes up to you to lend you comfort because it is God sending you and angel to help you get through.

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