Thankful friend

To all my good friends I have wanted to tell you something for a long time. There is someone you need to thank for my ability to be a friend to you.
It is my friend Mark VanGee.
It is because of him, that I am able to be a friend to anyone. He taught me how to be a friend.
Through his unshakable patience with me as I ran through my life, he was always right there, seemingly invisible until I lost myself. He would always be there to help me get back on track or at least would just be there to make sure I did not get too lost.
I recall the moment as clear as today the very moment I never ever wanted him out of my life. It was the first time I tried to leave Paul and get myself back to center. My sister was opening her flower shop and I left Texas and did not say good-bye to anyone. One night I got this angry call from Mark and he said to never to do that again. Never ever without making sure, he knows where I am.
I realized then what friendship was and that I wanted to be a friend to Mark and through him, I was able to become a friend to you all.
Thank you Mark for being my friend!

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