Motivation station? Are you in?

Well had a chat with my sister today and we were discussing how to stay motivated. We talked about finding a group in the area and I said  I had tried my hand with a few groups in the area but did not feel at home. I wanted a more than a sit, chat and work group. I needed goal and points of interest, motivation and inspiration type of group. A group that has a goal as a group and as an individual. Maybe a series of art cards, all of use work in one color theme, we have a booth in a show and all of our works go into it. Visits to the museum, events and lectures. Not necessarily people who are doing all the same medium but all different types of medium.

Because, my type of art seems so mundane in its beginnings. One must have a real vision of what I am doing while I am starting because it does not come together until I am at the very end. Most people have the  “Ah Ha” moment once it is almost completed. Trying to explain it as I go is useless. As I have said in trying to explain the pieces, are very much ugly ducklings in the beginning. So in saying this; I need to keep motivated and not lose site of what I am doing. So I (we) think that if there was a group of budding artists working in different mediums coming together to stay motivated and continue to align our mental alertness to learning or re-learning and reminding ourself of our goals and interests.

So if you live in or around Ft. Wayne, Indiana and feel the same way; we are looking for you.

Our thought is to have it at the main library in  downtown Ft. Wayne. Meeting once a month. Having goals stated and recognized by the group. Reply to this note if you are interested.


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