Well I went on vacation and while in Texas I went to the Kimble in Fort Worth to see the Picasso/Braque “the cubist experiment”. It was OK and am sure when they were experimenting it was great but–I am not a fan of cubism per say. However, I did find inspiration in it for my cro-fusion work.

My thought on using their design concept and fusing it to mine by taking colored paper that matches my colors of yarn then tearing it into pieces and constructing color and design that I find pleasing then, after taking of a picture of the chosen design, take the pieces and use them as a patterns for crocheting them. After crocheting the pieces take the photo and construct the crocheted pieces into that design. Then felt it. Or felt the individual pieces then put together as seen in the photo. I probably will attempt both formats to see which one I prefer.

Here are the photos of my design concept and my first design. I also show a photo in white so if I want to pick my own colors I can do so too. Once torn that can be watercolored to the selected yarn colors.


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