Numbers updated

I have been adding to my Apple Numbers sheets to include a labor tracking sheet and a notes sheet. 
So now I have:

 1 Basic cover sheet

 • This sheet has pictures from concept to completion.  

 • Activity section that shows, 

concept date and time,

Crochet time,  

felting time, 

finishing project time

2 Supplies/price sheet

 • This sheet shows the items used in the making of project. It is broken down of items used. Like:

wool yarns, 

non wool yarns

accoutrements used.

 • It includes: 

description of item, 

count of items used,

 cost/retail price,

 then have it automatically add price and quantity.

 • Including totals

 3 Labor sheet

 • This is a time tracker and hourly wage for the project

 4 Notes sheet

  • This sheet gives me the chance to see what worked and what did not work on this project, such as:

type of wool used, 

crochet stitch used, 

how it was felted, 

use to non felted yarns and how it changed the felting process.

I think this covers all the needs to cover the beginning to completion sheets.


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