Crocheted pieces not felted

I also crochet items that I do not felt. Here is where I will display such items.

  • Raggedy Ann/Andy “hug me” blanket

Raggedy Ann and Andy blanket

Raggedy Ann side of blanket

This blanket is done as a dual faced blanket. Ann on one side of pillow face and Andy on the other. The faces are a pillow. No pattern.

  • Tea cozy

Single serve tea cozy

I used to collect service for one tea pots so I decided to make a tea cozy for one. The out come was a French girl cozy. No pattern.

  • Amish doll

Amish doll

Tried my hand at crocheting a doll. This was the outcome.

  • Cowel


Cowel shown as a hipster

Crocheted in thread

Family tree


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