Measuring up?

I was trying to show size on my pieces and not liking a yard stick that has a distracting color to my piece so my solution was to take a piece of foam core that I marked inches on the side and inches across the bottom.

Here is an example of it. Not too professional looking yet but it gets the size visually. Oh! I just had thought. I think there is quilters tapes that are in measurements maybe if they have white I might try it.


Budding studio?

Carving out a small niche for a studio-ish kind of place. With the organizing of my yarns I now can process my designs.

Besides now the living room and sun room are just that.

Some tools of the trade

My selection of scissors, crochet hooks are many. I went through a phase of collecting all kinds of hooks, steel bone, wood, interchangeable, afghan, double ended and so on and so on.

But when I started felting I found I needed an additional set of tools to manipulate and shape the wool after it is felted. These are a few items along with many different types of scissors.

I found numbers – updated 5/7/2017

I have wanted to track my projects and searched internet for pages but the did not seem to do enough. I needed to add pictures of the work steps too. 

So I am a newbie to apple iPad and looked at their program “numbers”. In it I found a travel template that with a few modifications worked out really well. I can then print them off and put them in a binder with snippets of yarns used. 

**I have spent the weekend tweaking these spread sheets. I am very pleased with the outcome and think I now can get back to crocheting. I also brought home from storage binders, plastic sleeves to sort finished from in finished projects so I can focus on completing them plus gives me a portfolio of art that I can show.

Organized, who me??

Well, since I am semi retired now I am able to get back to my fiber art but I really want to be a little more organized, in further depth about my process. 

Many years ago I had formulated several printed project sheets for crochet that I had wanted to package and sell but was focused on making a different career. So today, I spent most of the day (argh) converting them from my PC to my iPad tablet and getting a couple printed off. A feat in its self.