The girl behind the work

Well, I grew up and graduated in New Haven Indiana. I am kind of the middle child, only kind of because I have a twin sister so “we” share being middle children. My older sister taught me how to crochet when I was 17 and I have not put down the hook since. She has been a huge supporter of my journey. I am forever grateful to her.

I picked up my hooks and life and left Indiana to go to Dallas, Texas for about 30 years. I spent much of my time in the arts and crafts industry.

Two friends Molly Andries and Jerry Rigdon stepped my crocheting into the cro-fusion arena. Molly was showing off her new felted item she had crochet/felted and Jerry was doing fabulous freeforming. I was all ready into freestyle crochet and thought with what each of them and my freestyle, I could develop a merged form from all of all individual work, hence the name cro-fusion. I spent several years in trial and error merging these styles and with great success. Adding mixed media to my pieces gave them more depth and complimented the designs. Designing mostly art bags in the beginning I eventually branched into a study of Berets. I did want to see about wall pieces and did a few but not with as much success as I had with the other pieces. I still have many more designing that I want to do studies in and as you can see from other posts I am starting a winter/summer pillows. My thinking on these are; the cro-fused pieces are too warm for summertime so if the one side is done in light weight fabrics and the other side cro-fused then all one has to do is flip the pillow over for whatever season they are in.

I arrived back in Indiana in 2008 where I have worked as a part-time cro-fusionist and a full-time certified floral designer. Where I am continuing to design.

I have semi retired at the beginning of 2017 and thought I would have more time to create but it has been slow to come BUT what has happened is the time to organize my yarns and supplies and WIPs. 


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